FRMC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Location

August 9 Meeting Minutes  - Submitted by Tom Ferguson, Secretary/Treasurer
President Larry Standiford called the meeting to order at 7:20 pm in the meeting room of McCoy’s Family Dining at 4855 Federal Blvd in Denver.  

Attendees Included

Larry Standiford
Karen Standiford
Tom Ferguson
Gary Spencer
Larry Snodgrass
Art Apple
Wendell Salas
Frank Herbst
Gordie Kellogg
Keith Johnson
Chuck Warren

Also attending were four representatives of Colorado’s other MCA recognized Mustang club, the Mustang Car Club of Colorado which is based in Northern Colorado.  They were:

Michael Nowlen
Marie Held Nowlen
Thorban Sellers
Susan Sellers

Old Business

Membership dues for 2019 are due at $30 per family with $630.000 collected to-date.  So far for 2019, the Club has 21 paid family memberships and 3 approved non-paying memberships including 2 members who joined in the last third of 2018.  An updated membership roster will be emailed out prior to the September meeting.  A reminder: photos of your favorite Mustang can be included with your roster listing on the Club website if you email the photo to Tom Ferguson or Frank Herbst.  Our newest member is Chuck Warren who owns a 2012 Mustang GT/CS Black Mamba.
Wendell Salas described some of the activities the 2020 Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup organizers are planning to either resolve the issues with Steamboat Springs or relocate the event to another Colorado site including possibly Snowmass and Craig in the mountains or the Budweiser Event Center and High Plains Raceway on the front range. 
Tom Ferguson followed up on last month’s discussion of whether we want to continue maintaining the FRMC website ourselves or pay to have the Ford Performance Club Connect organization begin hosting and maintaining our site.   Michael Nowlin from the Mustang Car Club of Colorado mentioned that they had researched the latter alternative and found the cost to be prohibitive at over $700/yr.  With that information, it was decided to continue maintaining the site ourselves with Frank Herbst using Snap Pages for $50/yr. to update the site and GoDaddy to license the  domain name at $53.35 every 5 years.  Tom recently updated our account information with GoDaddy to ensure they are paid directly from the club checking account when their bill becomes due.  Thanks to Tom Kay for providing the correct pin # to update the GoDaddy information.
Further discussions were held on a location for the FRMC Holiday Party this December.  In addition to the two original suggestions: Mickey’s Top Sirloin at 6950 Broadway in Denver and Wishbone Family Restaurant at 9750 Federal Blvd in Denver, Davie’s Chuck Wagon Diner #2 at 26th and Kipling was added to the discussion.  Based on the menu selection, the consensus was to pursue Mickey’s as the site for the party with the Wishbone as a backup.  Tom Ferguson agreed to pursue a December 7th date with Mickey’s and subsequently, a reservation for that date at 2:30 pm was booked.  The club hopes to have at least 20 members in attendance with a menu selection of baked white fish, shrimp scampi, and New York Strip steak along with rice pilaf, vegetables, baked potato and salad on offer at a cost of $27.50/person.  As in the past, the club will pay part of the cost with members picking up a to be determined balance.  Sodas, iced tea, lemonade, tax and 20% tip are included in the per person cost.  Adult beverages and desserts will be available at an extra cost.   Tom will canvas the members for reserving a spot for the party closer to the event and donations for St. Jude Children’s Hospital will again be accepted.
Former FRMC member Dan Ryhal has issued an offer to host a club event sometime in the late summer or fall at his mountain home in Pine, Colorado.  The members discussed rolling this event into the Fall Foliage Cruise, and Larry Snodgrass volunteered to discuss October 5th as the best alternative with Dan.

New Business

Mike Nowlin and the other guests from the Mustang Car Club of Colorado (MCCOC) introduced themselves to the FRMC members and discussed how their club works.  They meet the third Thursday of the month at 5 pm at the Anheuser-Busch Tour Center at 2351 Busch Drive in Fort Collins and would welcome FRMC guests to their meetings with the goal of eventually holding some jointly organized events.   MCCOC has scheduled a large MCA recognized show event for September 28th called Stangtoberfest at the Biergarten, 2351 Busch Drive in Fort Collins for all Ford and Mustang vehicles with a portion of proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.  More information on this event can be gathered from the events of interest list further below in the minutes or from the event flyer which has been reproduced on the FRMC website Bullet-n Board page.  MCCOC’s website is
For an August FRMC club event, it was suggested that members meet for a picnic at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave on Lookout Mountain near Golden on the 24th.  Larry Standiford will send out an email to settle a meeting time of either 10 or 11 am.
The following list represents upcoming club events.  Times and dates will be determined closer to the events based on club input and site availability.
September 7 – John McNurney’s Cars and Guitars Party in Lakewood.  Invitation emailed to club members  on  June 26th  or ask Tom Ferguson for a resend of the invitation for information.
October  5 (?) – FRMC Fall Foliage Cruise
October – FRMC Chili Feed
December 7 – FRMC Holiday Party, 2:30 pm at Mickey’s Top Sirloin, 6950 Broadway, Denver
By popular demand, Tom Ferguson will organize another order of club polo shirts for interested members and will also try to get more vehicle window decals produced.  As always, we have a large supply of club jacket patches for sale at $5.00 and magnetic name tags can be ordered at $15.00/tag.
Other upcoming events of interest, with details posted on the FRMC website Bullett-n Board where possible, include:
August 17 – 3rd Annual Holy Rollers Charity Car Show, S. Midway Park, Broomfield, CO.  Info 
September 8 – All Ford Day, Sheridan High School, 3201 West Oxford Ave, Sheridan, CO.  Info
September 14 – St. Jude’s 5th Annual Benefit Car Show, Landmark Lincoln, Littleton, CO. Info
September 28 – First Annual Northern Colorado Stangtoberfest in Fort Collins.  Info at or call Michael Nowlin at 206-602-4873.
October 5 – Open Track Day at High Plains Raceway sponsored by SAAC Colorado.
If you’d like an event you are interested in posted to the website Bullett-n Board, bring an informational flyer to an upcoming Club meeting. 
The meeting concluded around 8:30 pm.  The next Club meeting will be held on Friday, September 13th at 7 pm at McCoy’s Family Dining at 4855 Federal Blvd in Denver.

Treasurer's Report

The club had $1,391.33 in the checking account with Vectra Bank as of the meeting date.

MCA Report

Larry Standiford reported there will be an MCA National Meeting in Tucson, Arizona which may be the closest National to Colorado MCA members in 2020.  Also, there will be a Regional Director Summit in Las Vegas October 11-13 this year.  Larry and Michael Nowlen both mentioned they are planning on attending the Summit.   Note: The national MCA website has been redesigned and members will have to reset their MCA Member password by requesting a new password during login to the site.