FRMC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Location

October 6, 2019  - Submitted by Tom Ferguson, Secretary/Treasurer
President Larry Standiford called the meeting to order at 2:16 pm at the home of former members, Dan Ryhal and Cathy Wagner in Pine, Colorado.  The meeting was preceded by a group drive to the Ryhal’s mountain home and a pitch-in cookout on their back deck.  Thanks to Dan and Cathy and their beautiful Golden Retrievers for being such gracious hosts.   

Attendees Included

Larry Standiford
Karen Standiford
Tom Ferguson
Jackie Ferguson
Gary Spencer
Jillian Spencer
Larry Snodgrass
Art Apple
Bonnie Apple
Chuck Warren
Greg Watson
Cheryl Watson
Greg’s Mother
Bob Hawsey
Jeannie Hawsey
Dusty Dodge
Tom Kay

Old Business

The Club has 21 paid family memberships and 3 approved non-paying memberships including 2 members who joined in the last third of 2018.  An updated membership roster was emailed out prior to the September meeting.  Tom Ferguson, as Treasurer, will be accepting 2020 membership renewals at $30 per family starting in November.  A reminder: photos of your favorite Mustang can be included with your roster listing on the Club website if you email the photo to Tom Ferguson or Frank Herbst. 
The final order for Club polo shirts came in at 8 and Tom Ferguson placed the order with Instant Imprints and paid half the invoiced amount on September 27th.  The order was completed and picked up by Tom on October 16th for a total cost of $319.04.  Tom will distribute the shirts at upcoming Club meetings.  Also, we have two older Club shirts dating back to the MCA National Show FRMC hosted in July 2015 that have never been worn and are available for sale.  These shirts are navy blue, only come in size large, and are priced at just $20.  Finally, the window stickers from Instant Imprints were completed and distributed at the October Club Meeting, however, the decals are too transparent to show up well under a tinted window so Tom asked Instant Imprints to investigate darkening the colors or making an externally mounted sticker for the side windows of our cars.
As always, we have a large supply of club jacket patches for sale at $5.00 and magnetic name tags can be ordered at $12.00/tag.  Keith Johnson, Kevin St. James, and Glenn Wojtowicz need to come to a future meeting to pick up their name tags.
The Club Holiday Dinner is scheduled for December 7th at 2:30 pm at Mickey’s Top Sirloin, 6950 Broadway, Denver.  The Club hopes to have at least 20 members in attendance with a menu selection of baked white fish, shrimp scampi, and New York Strip steak along with rice pilaf, vegetables, baked potato, and salad for a cost of $27.50 per person.  The Club will subsidize $9.00 for each meal, so the net cost to the members will be $19.50 per person.  Sodas, iced tea, lemonade, tax and a 20% gratuity are in included in the per person cost.  Adult beverages and desserts will be available at an extra cost.  Tom Ferguson will canvas the members for reserving a spot in November and donations for the St. Jude Children’s  Hospital will again be accepted along with the customary volunteer White Elephant Gift Exchange.

New Business

Starting in November, the Club will switch the monthly meeting day to the morning of the second Saturday of the month as has been our custom in the past since the Summer/Fall car show schedule tails off.  We have identified a new location, Jose Oshea’s at 385 Union Blvd in Lakewood for our Fall/Winter meetings.  Jose’s has a full restaurant and bar along with a semi-private meeting room to ensure minimal noise and enough parking for everyone.  The Fall/Winter meetings will be held at 11:00 am the second Saturday of the month in November, January, February and March.
Several FRMC members attended the Stangtoberfest event held by our sister Colorado MCA Club, the Mustang Car Club of Colorado (MCCOC), on September 28th in Fort Collins and the possibility of holding an MCA National in conjunction with MCCOC was discussed.  The most likely year would be 2022, and the FRMC members at the October meeting at the Ryhal’s were all in agreement that this should be pursued.
The annual FRMC Chili-Feed is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 20th at Belleview Park, 5001 S. Inca in Littleton.  Bring your favorite chili along with other pitch-in items for a 10:00 am start.  Note: The Broncos don’t play that day and the weather forecast is for dry, Fallish conditions so maybe a last time to get the Mustang out.
The following list represents upcoming club events.  Times and dates will be determined closer to the events based on club input and site availability.
October 20 – FRMC Chili-Feed at Belleview Park, 5001 S Inca Drive, Englewood.  10:00 am.
November – Club movie outing to see Ford versus Ferrari.
December 7 – FRMC Holiday Party, 2:30 pm at Mickey’s Top Sirloin, 6950 Broadway, Denver
February – K-1 Go Kart Track Event
If you’d like an event you are interested in posted to the website Bullett-n Board, bring an informational flyer to an upcoming Club meeting. 
The meeting concluded at 2:53 pm.  The next Club meeting will be held on Saturday, November 9th at Jose Oshea’s, 385 Union Blvd in Lakewood at 11:00 am as described above under New Business. 

Treasurer's Report

The Club had $1,287.09 in the checking account with Vectra Bank as of the meeting date following payment of half the invoice for 8 Club polo shirts.

MCA Report

Board of Director elections closed September 30.  Ballots were emailed to the MCA membership so the election could be carried-out on-line which proved to be a successful means of increasing member participation in the vote.   Larry Standiford attended the Regional Director Summit in Las Vegas October 11-13.  Note: The national MCA website has been redesigned and members will have to reset their MCA Member password by requesting a new password during login to the site.