FRMC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Location

The August 8 meeting was held in conjunction with a club cruise up Guanella Pass outside of Georgetown, CO.  President Larry Standiford called the August meeting to order at 12:10 pm following a club caravan drive from Jason’s Deli in Lakewood to the Georgetown Town Park.  The members partook of food from Jason’s and other eateries while the meeting was conducted.  Following the meeting,  the members proceeded up Guanella Pass Road to Highway 285 which the members drove back to the Denver metro area.  The day was beautiful with no hint of rain and temps in the low 90s.  The drive itself was impacted by heavy travel to Idaho Springs and lots of people parked on both sides of the pass road which, thankfully, stayed derivable (picture those crowds on the mountain roads of the Tour de France).  Thanks to the Apples and Chuck Warren for testing the route earlier and finding some substitute roads to avoid the Saturday morning parking lot on I-70.

Attendees Included

Larry Standiford
Tom Ferguson
Gary Spencer
Jillian Spencer
Art Apple
Bonnie Apple
Chuck Warren
Wendell Salas
Audra Salas
Michael Bateman
Melinda Bateman
Tom Kay
Christy Hopkins and guest, Jenny
Gordie Kellogg
Bob Hawsey
Jeannie Hawsey

Old Business

The Club has 24 paid family memberships for 2020 and 1 approved non-paying membership through August 2020.  An updated Club Roster was emailed to the members shortly before the August Club meeting.

  We have a large supply of club jacket patches for sale at $5.00 and magnetic name tags can be ordered at $12.00/tag.  We also now have FRMC window and windshield car stickers available for free.  Gary Spencer has an inventory of FRMC ball caps for members to purchase at $18 each.  Each hat carries the Club logo on the front with unique design work on the brims and side depending on the color.  Colors are black, red, and pink and are available by contacting Gary at

  Wendell Salas noted that it appears more and more likely that the 2021 Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup will be held in Steamboat Springs.

  We’re still hoping Indian Tree Golf Club will reopen their facility for our monthly Club meetings, but with the Covid-19 still prevalent across the country, restrictions look like they will be in place for the foreseeable future.  This means our meetings will continue to be outdoors and Chuck Warren has graciously agreed to keep hosting when needed on his back deck which allows for social separation and has beautiful views of the metro area.

New Business

We added new members, Kevin and Diane Grierson, in August.  Kevin has wanted a Mustang since he was little and he finally fulfilled that wish with a 2019 GT Convertible in Kona Blue.  They plan on participating in the Club once Kevin has recuperated from a recent shoulder surgery.

  For the September Club Event and Meeting, we’re planning on driving up Chicago Creek Road out of Idaho Springs to Squaw Pass Road to Echo Lake Park at the base of Mt. Evans.  This is an awe inspiring drive and you can continue on Squaw Pass all the way to Evergreen with lots of downhill switchbacks that your Mustang will love.  The drive will again start at Jason’s Deli in Lakewood at 9:30 am (10 am departure) on Thursday, September 10th to avoid some of the weekend traffic on I-70.   The Club Meeting will be conducted in the Echo Lake Parking Lot roughly half-way through the drive.

  Larry Snodgrass is also going to check with Dan Ryhal to see if he wants to host this year’s FRMC Chili-Feed at his home in Pine in October.  For those who were at the Ryhal/Wagner residence last Fall, you know that there is lots of room for social distancing.

  Tom Kay noted that the Colorado Collector Car Council is experiencing some financial stress since they haven’t been able to hold any events and that he is planning on moving to California by year-end.  That means FRMC will need a new representative to the Council and the Council will need a new Treasurer.  The Members wished Tom the best of luck on his move.  Also, the SEMA event usually held in Las Vegas has been cancelled for the year.

  The following list represents upcoming club or other events of interest.  Times and dates will be determined closer to the events based on club input and site availability.

August 15 – Holy Rollers Charity Car Cruise/Parade. See flyer sent out July 14 and FRMC Website Bullet-n Board section for details or email
September 10 – Club Drive to Echo Lake Park.  See above for details.
September 19 – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Car Show at Landmark Lincoln.  See flyer sent out July 14 and FRMC Website Bullet-n Board for details or

  If you’d like an event you are interested in posted to the above list or the Club website Bullett-n Board, bring an informational flyer to an upcoming Club meeting.

Updates on future Club Meetings will be posted on the calendar.

Treasurer's Report

The Club had $1,446.79 in the checking account with Vectra Bank as of the meeting date.  That includes new memberships from the Christy Hopkins and Kevin and Diane Grierson.

MCA Report

Nothing new to report.