FRMC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Location

January 11, 2020  - Submitted by Tom Ferguson, Secretary/Treasurer
President Larry Standiford called the January meeting to order shortly after 11 am at the new meeting location, Jose O’shea’s, 385 Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80228

Attendees Included

Larry Standiford
Karen Standiford
Tom Ferguson
Gary Spencer
Jillian Spencer
Larry Snodgrass
Art Apple
Chuck Warren
Greg Watson
Bob Hawsey
Wendell Salas
Jack Redmond
Susan Redmond
John McNurney

Old Business

The Club has 16 paid family memberships for 2020 and 1 approved non-paying membership with dues being accepted by the Treasurer as noted above.  An updated membership roster will be emailed out to the members before the February Club meeting.  A reminder: photos of your favorite Mustang can be included with your roster listing on the Club website if you email the photo to Tom Ferguson or Frank Herbst. 
We have a large supply of club jacket patches for sale at $5.00 and magnetic name tags can be ordered at $12.00/tag.  We also now have FRMC window and windshield car stickers available for free.  Tom Ferguson has delivered all the outstanding shirt and name tag orders to the members who placed orders.
The Club Holiday Dinner on December 7, 2019 was held at Mickey’s Top Sirloin, 6950 Broadway, Denver with 26 members attending.  The menu consisted of baked white fish, shrimp scampi, and New York Strip steak along with rice pilaf, vegetables, baked potato, and salad for a cost of $18.50 per person after the Club’s contribution.  Donations for the St. Jude Children’s  Hospital totaling $325.00 were accepted and a White Elephant Gift Exchange was conducted after dinner.  Larry Standiford also presented 289 Pin Awards to members who attended or represented the Club at meetings or activities the requisite amount of times during 2019.  The winners included Tom & Jackie Ferguson, Greg & Susan Watson, Larry & Karen Standiford, Larry Snodgrass, Wendell & Audra Salas, Art & Bonnie Apple, and Gary & Jillian Spencer.  Also, Chuck Warren received a special plaque in recognition of all his activities with and for the Club as a new member in 2019.
Wendell Salas noted that registrations for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup began in the first week of January and the Autocross event is already at capacity.  The event will again be held over Father’s Day weekend in Steamboat Springs.  Questions about the Roundup should be directed to Wendell.  Tom Kay previously noted that the Havana Cruise is scheduled for the same weekend as the 2020 Roundup.
The officers for the 2020 Club Year will remain Larry Standiford, President, Gary Spencer, Vice President, and Tom Ferguson, Treasurer/Secretary.

New Business

The meeting location at Jose O’shea’s will continue to be used for the remaining Winter meetings (February thru March) on the second Saturday of the month at 11:00 am, however, it is likely Jose’s will be too busy on Friday nights to serve as the meeting location for April thru October.  Any ideas for a Spring/Summer location would be greatly appreciated.
Gary Spencer presented the new FRMC ball caps to the members in attendance and several hats were purchased at $18 each.  Each hat carries the Club logo on the front with unique design work on the brims and side depending on the color.  Colors are black, red, and pink and are available by contacting Gary at
Larry Standiford agreed to contact Mike Nowlin, President of our sister MCA club, the Mustang Car Club of Colorado, about holding some joint events in 2020 and possibly hosting a national event in 2021 or later.
The members discussed future 2020 Club activities including possible visits to the Shelby Collection, K-1 Karting Center, Rambler Ranch, Celestial Seasonings and another cookout at the Ryhal/Wagner residence in Pine.  For January, the Club will be visiting the Colorado Model Railroad Museum at 11 am on the 25th in Greeley at 680 Tenth Street.
The following list represents upcoming club or other events of interest.  Times and dates will be determined closer to the events based on club input and site availability.
January 25 – Colorado Model Railroad Museum, 680 Tenth Street, Greeley, CO at 11:00 am
February 8-9 – Tri State Swap Meet, National Western Complex, Denver, CO
February – K-1 Go Kart Track Event
May 30 – CECA/SAAC Open Track Day, High Plains Raceway, Byers, CO
June 7 – Ability Connection Colorado Concours, Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, CO
June 7 – All Ford Day, Bandimere Speedway, Morrison, CO
June 10-12 – SAAC National Convention, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN
June 17-21 – Annual Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup, Steamboat Springs, CO
If you’d like an event you are interested in posted to the above list or the Club website Bullett-n Board, bring an informational flyer to an upcoming Club meeting.
The next Club meeting will be held on Saturday, February 8th  at Jose Oshea’s, 385 Union Blvd in Lakewood at 11:00 am.

Treasurer's Report

The Club had $1,740.35 in the checking account with Vectra Bank as of the meeting date.  Dues at $30 per family for 2020 are being accepted by Tom Ferguson at 525 Fox Hunt Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.

MCA Report

There was no news to report following the holidays, however, the national MCA website has been redesigned and members will have to reset their MCA Member password by requesting a new password during their first login to the new site.