FRMC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date and Location

The Thursday, September 17 meeting was held in conjunction with a Club cruise up Chicago Creek Road (Hwy 103) out of Idaho Springs to Squaw Pass Road to Echo Lake Park at the base of Mt. Evans.  We had a nice turnout of members for a weekday and could not have had better weather, especially in light of the wintery conditions on the previous Thursday when the cruise was originally scheduled.  Participants got to carry on from Echo Lake on Squaw Pass Road with its numerous downhill switchbacks that take one ultimately into the Bergen Park/Evergreen area.  From there Club members could choose their various routes home, but anyone who chose to stick with the backroads south rather than entering I70 east got another taste of curves and scenery including a herd of elk who temporarily stopped us on Hwy 73 just outside of Evergreen on the route to Conifer.  The Club Meeting was conducted in the Echo Lake Parking Lot and restaurant roughly half-way through the drive.  

Attendees Included

Larry Standiford
Tom Ferguson
Jackie Ferguson
Art Apple
Chuck Warren and guest Harold Bergeron
Michael Bateman
Melinda Bateman
Tom Kay (TK)
Gordie Kellogg
Bob Hawsey
Jeannie Hawsey
Larry Snodgrass
Kevin St. James
John McNurney
Mark Hoefner (prospective member)
Shari Hoefner (prospective member)

Old Business

The Club has 25 paid family memberships for 2020 and 1 approved non-paying membership through September 19, 2020.  John and Lori Revesz are the latest to join the Club and an updated Club Roster was emailed to the members shortly before the September Club meeting.  Mark and Shari Hoefner were very positive about their experience with Thursday’s Cruise and sound likely to join.

We have a large supply of Club jacket patches for sale at $5.00 and magnetic name tags can be ordered at $12.00/tag.  We also now have FRMC window and windshield car stickers available for free.  Gary Spencer has an inventory of FRMC ball caps for members to purchase at $18 each.  Each hat carries the Club logo on the front with unique design work on the brims and side depending on the color.  Colors are black, red, and pink and are available by contacting Gary at

RMMR Update:  The big news is that the 2021 Rocky Mountain Mustang RoundUp will definitely move from Steamboat Springs to Colorado Springs.  Colorado Springs rolled out the red carpet to our event organizers in contrast to Steamboat, and next year’s event looks like it will be one of the best RoundUps ever with 8 days of events over June 13th  through June 20th .  FRMC’s own Wendell Salas will be the 2021 Roundup Chairperson and he and TK sent out September 17th emails to members describing new driving/racing/social events, hotel accommodations, Show ‘n Shine Day, and Hospitality Nite and Banquet plans.  Wendell will keep everyone apprised of developments on this exciting news.

We’re still hoping Indian Tree Golf Club will reopen their facility for our monthly Club meetings, but with the Covid-19 still prevalent across the country, restrictions look like they will be in place for the foreseeable future.  This means our meetings will continue to be outdoors and Chuck Warren has graciously agreed to keep hosting when needed on his back deck which allows for social separation and has beautiful views of the metro area.

New Business

Larry Snodgrass has confirmed that Dan Ryhal and Cathy Wagner will host the Club Chili-Feed on October 10th at their mountain home at 15737 Pine Valley Road in Pine, Colorado 80740 starting around 11 am.  This will serve as the October Club Meeting and the Fall Foliage should be spectacular!  For those who were at the Ryhal/Wagner residence last Fall, you know that there is lots of room for social distancing.  Tom Ferguson is maintaining a sign-up sheet for members to express whether they will provide chili or something else like chips, drinks, or dessert.  Let Tom know by October 6th if you plan on attending and what you will bring so he can let Larry and Dan know what to expect.
The November Club Meeting in tentatively planned to be in Chuck Warren’s backyard on November 14th.  Chuck has a fire pit and outdoor heaters so unless temps are in the low 40s, this should work.  We will also discuss some possible winter activities including another visit to the always popular Shelby Collection in Boulder or a tour of the Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs.    
The following list represents upcoming club or other events of interest.  Times and dates will be determined closer to the events based on club input and site availability.
September 27 –  Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders’ Cool Colors of Fall Charity Car Show, 9285 Hepburn Street in Highlands Ranch (NE corner of Lucent Blvd and Highlands Ranch Parkway).
10 am to 2 pm with music, food concessions, and trophy judging.  See the event flyer emailed out in the last week.
September 27 – Fairmont Cemetery Car Show/Cruise, 430 S Quebec St, Denver .  9 am to 12 pm with mini-history tours of the cemetery.  Info is available on the Fairmont Cemetery Car Show webpage.
October 3 – SAAC Colorado/CECA Track Day at High Plains Raceway.  Open to all Ford and classic cars.  Contact Tom Ferguson for information.
October 10 – FRMC Club Meeting at the Ryhal/Wagner residence in Pine, CO.  See New Business above for details.
If you’d like an event you are interested in posted to the above list or the Club website Bullett-n Board, bring an informational flyer to an upcoming Club meeting. 
Updates on future Club Meetings will be posted on the calendar.

Treasurer's Report

The Club had $1,467.58 in the checking account with Vectra Bank as of the meeting date. 

MCA Report

Nothing new to report other than the Spirit of the West National Meeting in Tucson for October 8 – 11 is still on.  It is unlikely FRMC will have anyone attend the meeting.